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Pip Australian Permaculture Magazine

Pip Australian Permaculture Magazine

Pip is the magazine for the Australian permaculture community. It is the place for people and groups to connect and share ideas, knowledge and experience, and stay in touch with what is happening around Australia.

Pip Magazine is your guide to integrating permaculture and sustainability in your life. There are informative articles on all aspects of permaculture as well as profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are ‘how to’ guides, recipes, reviews, a directory containing permaculture related businesses, courses and people and a classifieds section.

Pip is taking permaculture to the people. by being attractively designed, thoughtfully laid out and clearly explained, Pip presents permaculture in an easy to understand accessible way.

Pip Magazine is a thing of beauty. Printed on FSC certified paper with vegetable inks, each edition of Pip is something to treasure and, after reading cover to cover, keep on your shelf and refer to for the facts and information it holds within. It is also available across all digital platforms.

Pip is the magazine for the Australian permaculture community and beyond. And we’re all about communicating permaculture in a beautifully designed, thoughtfully laid out, accessible and clearly explained way.

We’re excited by the fresh new voices of the permaculture movement, as well as the wisdom of our elders, and aim to create an accessible entry point for people to discovering, using and understanding permaculture design.

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We value beautiful design: both the permaculture and aesthetic type! Our movement is growing and we need to harness this increasing enthusiasm for permaculture and resilient living effectively, to take our movement from an alternative philosophy to a mainstream way of life.

…. Robyn Rosenfeldt chats about communicating permaculture

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