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What is Permafund?

Permafund is a funding initiative of Permaculture Australia that provides seed grants of up to AU$2000 to support permaculture projects in Australia and overseas.

How is it funded?

Permafund is funded by donations from permaculture practitioners around the world.

Read more about the different ways to donate here.

Donations of AU$2.00 and greater are tax deductible to Australian residents.

Who administers Permafund?

Permafund is administered by a Permaculture Australia’s volunteer team.

Permaculture Australia (PA) is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, operating as Permaculture International Public Fund (Permafund). ABN 13 196 056 495.

Permafund has run six grant rounds since 2012 – funding 51 permaculture projects in 15 countries.

How are grant applications assessed?

Applications for small grants are assessed on need, alignment with permaculture principles and ethics and project sustainability. 

Permafund has a child protection policy and evaluation requirements that all grant recipients must comply with.

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How have previous grants been used?

Permafund has been providing small grants to community organisations since 2008. In 2018, grants were provided to:

Kiini Sustainable Initiative Kenya Establishment and management of a Permaculture integrated land use design model in the Nyeri farm school. Education about greywater recycling, water harvesting and composting is also being conducted.

Nepal Permaculture Group, Kathmandu Rooftop gardening systems and 10 permaculture farms will be developed with three major aims: food production, research and demonstration using ecological technologies related to permaculture and climate resilient farming practices.

OTEPIC Kenya Educating children about permaculture gardening at Tabasamu Orphanage Children’s home and Biddi primary school with the purchase of teaching materials, gardening tools and equipment, seeds and fencing.

Permaculture for Sustainable Communities – Kenya, providing essential materials to all supported households to implement permaculture practices to produce food, work and income in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County, North West Kenya.

Women’s Organisation for Development, Tamil Nadu (WORD – promotion of indigenous millet cultivation through and seeds banks for 15 villages and involving 75 farmers.

Permafund supporters

Permafund relies entirely on donations from generous organisations and members of the community.  A huge thank you to our supporters listed here

The Permafund team

Thanks to the PA volunteer team for running the Permafund project:

Email the Permafund team for more information

Donate to Permafund


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