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Thanks to event organisers of IPD events

Thanks to event organisers of IPD events

SUCCESS! That’s what International Permaculture Day 2021 (IPD) was. 

The success of IPD is down to the people and the organisations that held events. Their initiative and courage made the day happen. So, thank you.

Huge thanks to these IPD event organisers

Their Instagram links…

And big thanks to our supporters:

Website support… Fiona Campbell & Russ Grayson

Promotion support…

IPD supports Permaculture Australia’sPermafund — helping permaculture projects around the world.

What of IPD now that the day is done for this year? 

Well, we’ll be back next year for IPD 2022. Meantime, our online presence — our website and social media — will be there for anyone wanting to promote their permaculture design course and their permaculture convergences. 

If you are organising a large permaculture event or convergence or a permaculture design course, please list it on our website. Link in the bio.

As Bill Mollison pointed out…

We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities.

Bill Mollison

IPD is one of those and the IPD website and social media are its means.

So, see you next IPD and see you in the meantime as you post your events on the website.

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