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In memory of Bill Mollison

In memory of Bill Mollison


Bill with wife Lisa Mollison, 2009 Sydney, photo by Russ Grayson

Like a rampant vine spreading across a field of bare soil, the news of Bill Mollison’s passing is spreading across the global permaculture network as I write.

On receiving the news, some of us in the Australian permaculture network had a discussion and decided to create a Facebook group where people can comment and post their memories, anecdotes, reminisces and stories tall and short about Bill, as well as a Facebook page. People are joining the In Memory group even before Fiona has finished setting it up.

A flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos flies over as I write, their raucous call drawing our attention. They remind me how some fortunate individuals attract their own attention through the good ideas they create and, like those cockatoos, their journey through life leaves a lasting impression and an inspiration for us all.

So… thanks Bill Mollison… thanks for your presence in the world, thanks for your ideas, your inspiration.

“That’s what we’re doing in history; call it the invention of permaculture. By permaculture I mean a culture that can be sustained permanently. Not unchanging, that’s impossible, we have to stay dynamic, because conditions will change, and we will have to adapt to those new conditions, and continue to try to make things even better — so that I like to think the word permaculture implies also permutation. We will make adaptations, so change is inevitable”.

…Kim Stanley Robinson, author.

Photo and story by Russ Grayson

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