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2015 IPD report

2015 IPD report

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took part in IPD 2015

There were some 200 events and actions in 43 countries in support of soil, and more are still arriving on our calendar. We’d love to hear about how you celebrated the day in your part of the world. Please send us your contributions for our Permaculture Day 2015: In Support of Soil Report — see the report in progress above.

Tips for viewing the Permaculture Day 2015 Report
The report is best viewed full screen. To open the full screen view, click on the 4 arrows icon on the menu bar on the bottom left of the viewer. You can then navigate your own way through the presentation by clicking on the hyperlinked menu. More information about each event can also be accessed through the links on individual slides.

A big thank you to the 2015 volunteer team…

Thanks to the imagination and generosity of the International Permaculture Day coordinating team of volunteers who helped make IPD 2015 a great success:

  • Joint International Coordinators – Bella Bell, Gillian Kozicki
  • Graphic Designers – Elena Parmiggiani, Lauren Pothof
  • Website and Newsletter Team – Elena Parmiggiani, Elisa Catalini
  • Social Media Team – Elisa Catalini, Aisosa Erun Imagbe Idaho, Frederica Teixeira, Maria Bernardes

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