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2012 Report of IPD

2012 Report of IPD

As Australians, we started this! Now it’s International! Check out all that was achieved in 2012!

Dear Permie Friends,

Happy New Year! Thank you for supporting International Permaculture Day (IPD) in 2012.

Our first global day of permaculture on the 6th May 2012 was a huge, unqualified success and included more than 120 events spanning 26 countries. It was marvellous to witness permaculture celebrated in such diverse and creative ways, from the festive “pachangón” in Quito, Ecuador; to the flashmob founding of a symbolic food forest in the centre of Bucharest; to the world’s first IPD cake baked in Ingleburn, Australia! Thank you to everyone who participated and made the day possible, especially to our media partners and special thanks to Permaculture Magazine who published our initial call.

In the lead up to the day, we interviewed an exciting array of renowned permaculturalists and bioneers:, and received written thoughts from permaculture co-originator Bill Mollinson and others. Allan Savory of the Savory Institute and the Africa Centre For Holistic Management also write us a very inspiring open letter. Then, on the morning of IPD 2012, we had the honour of interviewing environmental activist and founder of Navdanya, Dr Vandana Shiva. She spoke to us with passionate concern about the corporate hijacking of seed and invited us to join her new Global Alliance for Seed Freedom.

Following the success of IPD 2012, Dr Shiva asked us to collaborate with her on a Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action, and from 2nd-16th October, scores of permies worldwide responded to her call: Among them were The Seed Savers’ Network pioneers Michel and Jude Fanton who lead multiple events in Australia: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia’s Geoff Lawton and Gardening Australia‘s Costa Georgiadis, both of whom recorded skype interviews with her: (Geoff), (Costa). In addition, Geoff Lawton and Kay Baxter of the Koanga Institute, New Zealand contributed to the Global Citizens’ Report on Seed Freedom which was launched as part of the campaign. As another first for the world, the Fortnight of Action was also a great triumph and we will collaborate again with Dr Shiva in 2013.

A further highlight of 2012 was the opportunity to interview environmental film-maker John D. Liu of the Environmental Education Media Project: John is a long-time advocate of large-scale ecological restoration and recognises the great potential of permaculture to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems. What’s more, he’s been showcasing its benefits at the UN and other high-level meetings; his documentary, Green Gold, is a must-watch if you haven’t already seen it:

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that the date for IPD 2013 is SUNDAY 5TH MAY and we’ll release more details soon. Wherever you are, please join us for this global celebration; let’s come together to spread the word for permaculture!

Abundance to all in 2013,
The IPD Team

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