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Permaculture Design Course — Crystal Waters Ecovillage

4/65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, Qld 4552, Australia
  • Event date:
    28/08/2022 at 9:00 am
  • Event end:
    11/09/2022 at 5:00 pm

The Crystal Waters Community Co-operative will present a PDC in August 2022 featuring several highly experienced presenters of Permaculture in a comprehensive experience over 14-days.

There is much that can be said about what is involved in a 2-week Permaculture Course, but the following is just a guideline. The intention is to take you through Theory & Practical of the body of knowledge of Permaculture as was originally developed by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren, to whom we owe gratitude to these Founders for initiating the Permaculture Principles and the many techniques that have collectively been adopted under the umbrella of Permaculture.




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