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Brian has a wide breadth of practical knowledge on how to partner with natural systems to bring forth stability and abundance. He has been co-stewarding Inspiration Farm, along with his wife Alexandra, since 1994. They use both biodynamic and Permaculture practices at inspiration Farm. Brian has taught permaculture at WWU and other PDC venues and events since 2009. Having completed several Permaculture Design Certifications, he consults, installs projects and teaches workshops. Brian has a passion for working with community organizations for the common good. He is a glass artist, innovator/tinkerer, runs a nursery, avid seed saver, Jack of all trades and loves whole systems design. His enthusiasm to share with a wider audience shows in all that he does. Inspiration Farm is a showcase for many aspects of designing a living resilient system that provides for most of the food fiber and medicine needed to live a happy healthy life while restoring the ecosystem.