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Permaculture, Starting At The Kitchen Sink: Declutter, Reset, Enjoy Workshop/ conference Australia

Online event
  • Event date: 02/05/2021 at 2:00 pm
  • Event end: 02/05/2021 at 3:30 pm

Join Cecilia Macaulay online, and experience her inspiring take on how we can re-set our homes and our world, starting at our humble kitchen

About this Event
It’s an interactive, hands-on session where you’ll see images and hear stories that get you energized and in-action. You’ll know exactly what to do to transform chronic kitchen confusion into a clear and orderly home that stays that way, without force or unwilling effort. New kitchen culture, new you.

In this event you will:

  • Do kitchen sink declutter and re-set, in real-time, with opportunities to ask Cecilia questions as we go
  • Learn design principles that are fascinating, fun and stay with you for life:  Zones for inside your house, reduce useless diversity, make families of objects, right mess in the right place, and more.
  • Fall in love with your kitchen sink, which from now on you will address as your Shrine of Beauty and Love. Wait for the surprises to emerge, as your home culture changes.

What do people say about Cecilia’s workshops?
“My friend Jane attended Cecilia’s declutter day, and a month later I visited. Her overcrowded, unused study had been transformed into an oasis of joy and peace amongst her overburdened work and family life; it had become her new music room.

She is now able to teach music from home, and to quit an underpaid job which she hated!  Such a big transformation to her life! She said “Cecilia is a genius, I love her work. I’m so happy with how my room is now. I can’t wait to get on and do the rest of the house.

– Delldint Flemming, Blackburn

“I’m so excited. After years of not knowing how to organize my things and my home, I suddenly have a set of principles, concepts, and ideas about how to do it.  

As I start implementing  I’m experiencing a sense of lightness and ease that I’ve tried unsuccessfully to attain using “spiritual” methods. Cecilia’s Japanese fusion systems bring clarity, vitality, awareness, and enlightenment!

I look forward to more consultations. This mere 1/2 hour has been so valuable.”

– Monica Wilson, Transition Geelong.


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