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PDC with Byron Community College — Mullumbimby NSW

8 Burringbar St Mullumbimby NSW
  • Event date:
    23/02/2024 at 9:00 am
  • Event end:
    30/06/2024 at 5:00 pm
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  • $1500
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What is permaculture and why is it relevant to our world today? How can we integrate the ethics and principles of Permaculture in our daily lives? We will explore the foundations of Permaculture, where ecological understanding meets modern design and where science meets the arts and traditional knowledge systems. Learn about the underlying patterns in nature and how comprehending and working with them can support you to live a richer, more easeful life.Topics covered include:

Introduction to Permaculture (Ethics and Principles Ecology):

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles Permaculture Principles in Action – Sensory Experience
  • Foundations of Ecology – appreciating the interconnectedness of all life Nutrient cycles
  • Food Webs Multiple functions of plants, animals and fungi in Permaculture design

Patterns in Nature:

  • Pattern Comprehension and Application Observing and Identifying patterns in nature over
  • Time and Space
  • Patterns in Design
  • Examples of Designs
  • Natural Succession as a template for earth repair

Course dates are:

  • Fri 23 Feb – “Permaculture Ethics, Principles And Patterns” with James Nash
  • Sat 24 Feb – “Plant Propagation And Seed Saving” with Flavia Renata Assuncao
  • Sun 25 Feb – “Introduction To Permaculture Design” with James Nash
  • Fri 15 March – “Soils – Organic Management” with Joey Venables
  • Sat 16 March – “Trees And Perennial Crops – Creating Food Forests” with Brad Halasz
  • Sun 17 March – “Vegetables – Integrated Organic Production” with Brad Halasz
  • Fri 3 May   “Animal-Integrated Production Systems” with Sharon Gibson
  • Sat 4 May – “Settlements – Sustainable Housing And Appropriate Technology” with Dani Wolff
  • Sun 5 May – “Water Systems For The Home And Landscape” with James Nash
  • Fri 31 May – “Community Design And Social Permaculture” with Dani Wolff
  • Sat 1 June – “Group Design Project” with James Nash
  • Sun 2 June – “Individual Design Workshop” with James Nash
  • Sat 29 June – “Ecology – Weeds, Pests And Diseases In The Garden” with Joey Venables
  • Sun 30 June – “Design Project Presentations, Locavore Feast And Celebration” with Bunya Halasz and James Nash



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