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Meet Cardinia Shire Council Waste Team at the Pakenham Show

PB Ronald Reserve Anderson St Pakenham VIC
  • Event date:
    16/03/2024 at 9:00 am

Have you got questions about what items can go in each bin in Cardinia Shire? Or perhaps you’re unsure where to take your old electronic waste or other common household items?

Come and say hello to Cardinia Shire’s waste team at the Pakenham & District Agricultural and Horticultural Show on Saturday 16 March 2024. The team will be attending the full event at PB Ronald Reserve in Pakenham to answer all your tricky waste and recycling questions and provide any handouts or information to help sort your waste correctly.

Permaculture Principle 6: Produce no waste

By valuing and making use of all the resources that are available to us, nothing goes to waste.

The icon of the worm represents one of the most effective recyclers of organic materials, consuming plant and animal ‘waste’ into valuable plant food. The proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” reminds us that timely maintenance prevents waste, while “waste not, want not” reminds us that it’s easy to be wasteful in times of abundance, but this waste can be a cause of hardship later.

Image © Richard Telford.


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