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Farm tour – Tenderbreak – Dixons Creek

Pauls Lane Dixons Creek VIC
  • Event date:
    17/03/2024 at 2:00 pm
  • Event end:
    17/03/2024 at 5:00 pm
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Visit Tenderbreak Permaculture Farm

The mud brick home is surrounded by one acre of food production gardens. Learn about the Permaculture principles used in the design and how these can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle in the city or the country.

Although the fires of Black Saturday in 2009 burnt most of the 96 acre bush block, Heather and Andrew were able to save their house, gardens and infrastructure. On the tour they explain what worked and what could be done better.

For full details of their fire experience see their blog:

Features explored on the house and garden tour (~2½ hours):

  • Two dwellings with passive solar design using thermal mass & ventilation to control temperature
  • Construction includes earth bermed walls, mudbricks & radial sawn, sustainably sourced timber
  • Our numerous bushfire defence systems including a fire shelter
  • Solar power system providing power to our house & cottage (We’ve been off grid for 23 years)
  • Wastewater worm farm treatment system.
  • Wood stove for cooking, heating, drying food and hot water supply
  • Solar Hot Water system
  • Fresh water and dam irrigation systems utilising gravity supply
  • Large organic veggie garden. Use of compost to build soil depth from 10mm to 300mm.
  • Seed saving and companion planting
  • Hothouse built from recycled materials for raising seedlings and frost tender plants
  • Organic orchard. 80 varieties of fruiting trees and bushes
  • Poultry pens with a flock of free range hens
  • Fences, gates, trellises and outbuildings made from recycled materials.
  • Our grain processing bench incorporates an oat roller and motorised wheat grinder
  • Caged Orchard with 18 dwarf fruit trees using swales to reduce need for watering
    Fish stocked multifunction dam, and much more ……

REQUEST: We request that visitors wear masks for the part of the tour inside the house.



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